Custom Caller ID - Switchboard Object

1 min. readlast update: 04.29.2024


  • Add 6 characters to the front -  adds your desired characters to the caller ID associated with that path.
  • Replace Caller ID - will override an existing caller ID coming through the call path.

Use Cases

  • Change caller ID internally to easily distinguish which department is being dialed within your organization. 
  • Change caller ID to ESP or SPAN to notify the agent that a caller has selected the Spanish option.


Q: Can I use this object to change my outbound caller ID?

A: No, this object only works within Mango Voice.

Q: Why can I only use 6 characters to the front of caller ID?

A: The number of characters displayed on caller ID differs between physical phones. This is limited due to the display size of most phones. 


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