Create a Virtual Fax for Inbound Faxes

  • Select the + button by Extensions on the left side menu
  • Select the Virtual Fax option
  • Select the + New Virtual Fax button
  • Enter the desired name for the Virtual Fax
  • Enter the desired number to associate with the Virtual Fax
  • Enter the desired email to be notified of incoming faxes
  • Select the orange Create Virtual Fax Machine box 
  • The secure fax toggle button will appear after Virtual Fax creation

Note: The Receiving Options section will become available after you initially create the virtual fax machine. The virtual fax is only intended for receiving faxes. To send a fax, please see Send a Fax in the Admin Portal


Physical Fax Machine then Virtual


If you have a physical fax machine that you want to use first and then try sending failover faxes to virtual use:

  • Transfer and Rollover - Extension for Fax machine, Dedicated Fax, w/o Voicemail
  • Receive Fax to Virtual Fax box