Create a Schedule

Schedules are a great way to help automate your phone system. Schedules placed in call flows allow for features like auto attendants or different voicemail prompts. To access schedules follow the steps below.

  • Select "Schedules" from the side menu
  • Select the "+ New Schedule" button in the top left of the screen
  • Name your new schedule
  • Select "Create New Schedule"
    • Remember the name of your new schedule, it will be placed in the list of schedules upon saving.
    • Select the newly created schedule to adjust business hours and select observed holidays.

Set Regular Business Hours

Schedules auto-save, so you don't have to hit update to save any changes.

  • Scroll to the bottom of the Create New Schedule page
  • Default business hours are set to 9 AM through 5 PM Monday through Friday
    • Business hours may be increased or decreased by mousing over the blue section and dragging the double white line at the bottom
    • To change the business days, simply drag the blue sections between days
  • The hours open to close will be displayed at the top of the blue sections

Select from National Holidays

  • Highlight the checkbox to the left of the holidays your business will observe
    • If your business will not be closed the whole day, enter the hours it will be open.

Click here to learn how to create custom holidays