Create a Music On Hold Playlist

Music on Hold allows you to create custom playlists or advertisements for your customers to listen to while on hold or waiting in a queue. You can add a playlist, manage tracks, and upload the music that is played in the Music On Hold section.

Note: For best results use the following file formats - MP3,16bit,8khz/16khz,mono/dual channel

How to Set Up a Custom Music On Hold Playlist

  • Go to Music on Hold in the left-hand side menu
  • Click on Manage Audio Tracks
  • Click the ‘+’ to add audio tracks
  • Name the Audio Track
  • Select the file from the computer
  • Click Upload Music 
  • Add as many tracks as wanted in the playlist
  • Click Add New Playlist
  • Name the Playlist and click ‘Create Playlist’
  • Click on the newly created playlist and then add the audio tracks to the list. 
  • Select the playlist as the default