Contacts Overview

The contacts screen is a combined view of Mango extension and native contacts on a device. There are several ways to quickly navigate through contacts by using different filters. These filters include:

  • All - A combined view of contacts from Mango and the device phone in one alphabetized list. 
  • Mango - Mango system extensions. This allows calling into the Mango system quickly.
  • Phone - The device's local contacts stored in Apple Contacts or Google Contacts.
  • Search - To search contacts tap the magnifying glass icon. Search results are a combined view of the local contacts and mango contacts. The results will be progressively refined by typing more characters and it will highlight the words that were found. 


Why aren’t my contacts updating?

  • I made a change to my native apple contacts then went to the phone and it didn’t update. What is going on? 
  • Contacts are retrieved from the native phone contact list. When updates are made to your native contact list, simply close the app and reopen it, which will cause the app to reload your contacts with the updated information.