Conference Room - Switchboard Object

1 min. readlast update: 04.25.2024

Use the Conference Room to allow multiple phones inside and outside of mango into a single conference.

Note: You must configure a conference room before using this object


·         Select the conference room you would like the call to flow into.

Use Cases

·         Hold your weekly company calls and have everyone call into the same number. 

·         Quickly set up a conference call by using the internal extension for easy conferencing


Q: Do I have to put a conference room on a switchboard to use it?

A: You can call directly into your conference room by using its extension number.

Q: How many are allowed in a conference at a time?

A: Mango can easily support conference calls under 10 callers

Q: How do I turn off the PIN requirement to enter a conference?

A: Click here to learn how to turn PIN Requirements off


This object terminates the call flow.

Mango conventionally uses a 400-499 extension for conference rooms


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