Comcast Call Forwarding

1 min. readlast update: 05.06.2024

You can forward calls from MyAccount or from a Comcast Phone

From MyAccount

Sign in to My Account, select Phone from the Services menu and do the following for every phone number. (You can change the phone number in the upper-right)

Note: Do NOT forward the fax number.

Turn on Call Forwarding Always and enter the temporary number.

Save and test.

From a Comcast phone

  1. Lift the receiver and listen for the dial tone.
  2. Press *72.
  3. You will briefly hear a stutter dial tone then a normal dial tone.
  4. Dial the 10-digit destination number where you want your calls to ring.
  5. Stay on the line until the destination number you have selected is picked up by a colleague or voicemail
    1. Note: From my experience, this step doesn't happen and a confirmation message that call forwarding is active is played instead.
  6. Test

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