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How Many Characters can I send in a Single Text?

Does Mango have a character limit for texts?

By character limit, we're referring to the number of letters and spaces that a text can manage to send at one time. (Within this parenthesis, there are 51 characters!)

Mango can send 1,000 characters in a single text. If you need to send more than that, break the text into chunks and send them in chunks. 

How much is 1,000 Characters?

Below is an example of 1,000 characters exactly:

Bacon ipsum dolor amet andouille brisket salami bacon sausage shank. Drumstick ground round bacon, burgdoggen boudin prosciutto hamburger sausage chuck strip steak short loin porchetta. Bresaola drumstick ground round jerky. Chuck tenderloin brisket venison. Bresaola kielbasa sausage, beef ribs ham frankfurter cupim hamburger turkey corned beef beef pork loin jowl salami bacon. Sirloin tongue ham hock ball tip corned beef. Brisket sausage shank flank.

Buffalo corned beef beef biltong. Brisket tongue meatloaf pork chop turducken, flank beef ribs pork belly beef shankle ham doner alcatra turkey pork. Ball tip flank shoulder, boudin doner shankle cow meatball rump pastrami bresaola tongue burgdoggen pork belly chicken. Corned beef pastrami bacon strip steak. Pancetta chicken shank corned beef salami boudin fatback brisket drumstick hamburger pork belly. Pancetta t-bone burgdoggen kielbasa chislic swine spare ribs sirloin. Corned beef brisket ham hock, drumstick beef meatball frankfurters

That's two solid paragraphs of text. As mentioned above, if you need to send more than two paragraphs, break it up and you're good to go.

Have a fantastic day! 😎