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Make a Call within the Web App with Mango's Softphone

Using your computer to get work done has never been easier. This tech gives you the power to make and answer calls in the office and remotely.

Utilizing our web app gives you all the information you need to know which customers which need help with a call. This guide is going to explain step by step how you can start a call with the Web App and Mango's Softphone (software-phone). 

If you go phone.mangovoice.com, and aren't able to access it or it's not working, it might be because the Softphone feature isn't turned on for your user account. If this is the case, reach out to support and ask them to get you set up for Softphone:

  • Email Us - support@mangovoice.com
  • Call Us - (435) 767-0882
  • Text Us - (435) 767-0882
  • Chat with us right now (bottom right corner)

Way #1 to Make a Call

Scenario: You're looking at your recent list of calls, and see a customer and you or a team member just missed their call. How do you return a call without a desk phone? 

  1.  Log into the Web App (if you're not already)
  2. Click on the Phone tab and find the customer you're going to call back.
  3. Before initiating a call, you'll have to be logged into the same extension that you used to log into the Web App. Head to www.phone.mangovoice.com, and sign in. 
  4. Back on the web app, at the top Navigation, after you've clicked on their name on the left, you will see a 'Call' button. Click that button. 
  5. You'll immediately hear a ringing sound, this is the Web App calling your phone for you. After you answer it, it will start calling the person you clicked to call. 
  6. Have an amazing conversation 😉


Way #2 to Make a Call

Scenario: You have been meaning to call this specific customer back and now you have time to do it. You're going to type in their phone number and initiate the call here. How do you do it without a deskphone? 

  1. Make sure you're logged in at www.phone.mangovoice.com
    1. If you're not set up to be able to access our Softphone see all the ways to contact support above in red.
  2. Once you have the Softphone open on a separate tab, click on the Orange Dial Pad button. 
  3. Type in the number you want to call.
  4. Click 'Call'
  5. You will immediately hear a ringing sound, this is the Web App calling your Softphone. Pick up the call by clicking the green 'Accept' button. 
  6. Now that you've accepted your end of the call, the Softphone will connect you with your caller. 
  7. Have an amazing conversation. 😎

For your information: Your phone number that you'll be calling with will be whatever number is associated with your username and extension that you used to sign in.