Call Logs

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Call logs allow you to review calls that take place within your PBX.

Details are provided for all inbound, outbound, and internal calls. If call recording is enabled, a record of the call is available for playback.

Note: Users must have Portal Unrestricted permissions or greater to view call logs. See roles and permissions here.

Call Log Fields Explained


Call Time - the date and time the call was initiated

Direction - will show inbound, outbound, or internal

Source Number - the inbound or outbound number. Internal calls will not show the source number but will display the extension's user as the source name.

Source Name - the caller ID of whoever initiated the call

Source Ext. - displays the source extension that the call came from.

Note: inbound calls will not show source extension because they did not originate inside of Mango Voice.

Destination Number - the number the caller initially dialed. Internal destination numbers will be shown by their extensions. 

Destination Ext - calls to internal extensions will be shown here as well as inbound calls to extensions

Note: If a call enters through a switchboard, it may interact with many different extensions. The call flow should be referenced to identify which extensions the call interacted with.

Duration - the length of the call in minutes and seconds

Disposition - The result of the incoming, outgoing, or internal call.

  • Answered - the call was connected
  • External - the call was forwarded to an external party or phone number
  • Hangup - the call hung up before any extension answered the call
  • Rejected - the agent rejected the call and the call did not have a dial plan logic to continue on
  • Voicemail - the call was sent to voicemail
  • Unknown - the call result cannot be determined. Review the call flow for more information on where the call was sent

Call Flow - Displays the DID (Destination Number) and any extension the call was routed through, as well as the extension voicemail or auto-attendant the call ended with.

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