Call History Overview

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The phone screen will show recent calls, missed calls, and voicemails. This is a view of the incoming and outgoing calls from the current extension. The dial pad can also be accessed from this section.


Recent calls both incoming and outgoing will be shown in this section. An outgoing call will be marked with a gray arrow pointing upward. An incoming call that was answered will be marked with a gray arrow pointing downward. Missed calls will be marked in red with a red arrow pointing downward.


All incoming missed calls will be shown in this section with a red arrow pointing downward.


This section allows for convenient voicemail management from the mobile phone.


Native Phone Integration

Calls that happen in Mango Voice will be logged into the native phone’s call history. This enables calls to be initiated from the native system through Mango Voice quickly.


How do I pick up a call from the parking lot?

Dial the number where the call is parked. If parked in P1 this maps to 5901. If parked in P2 it maps to 5902. Mango supports up to 99 parking lots so the P99 would be mapped to 5999.

Does it integrate with my call recordings?

All calls will be logged in Call Logs similar to other Mango devices.

Is this HIPAA Compliant?

No HIPAA related info is stored on the device. When ePHI data is requested, it is downloaded over an encrypted connection and removed from the device after use.

How much does it cost?

Contact Sales to learn more about our pricing!

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