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Android Beta Mango Voice App (Now Live)

Install of the Mango Voice Beta Mobile App on Android.

The image below shows the current version of the Mango Voice App downloaded from Google Play Store. For best results we recommend joining the Beta Version. 




To join the Beta Version:
Search for Mango Voice in your Google Play Store. Then, instead of clicking on Open click on the Icon or Name as shown below:



Clicking on the Icon section brings up the information page of the app, where you can scroll to find the section that says, "Join the beta." Click on Join.




Once you click Join it will then inform you that you are joining beta. This process typically will take 10-15 minutes however on occasion it can take a few hours or more. 



Once you you are joined it will say "You're a beta tester" and either give you the option to update or, if you have auto update enabled, it will update the app for you.

If you find that it shows you are a Beta Tester and it is updated in the app store, but your icon still is the white and orange icon we recommend that you delete the app and then clear your android phone cache and download the app once more.  



You'll know that you've updated the app when your phone's Mango Icon matches the Icon in the Google Play Store.



When you first open the app you will be presented with a few permissions that we will need enabled for the mobile app to function. 




Once we have all permissions set you are then able to login and start using the Mobile App