Access Voicemail on Deskphone

The voicemail feature allows a user to receive and access their private voicemail box. Users must first be logged into extensions registered in the Mango Voice System.
  • Once logged into an extension, dial *97 to access the voicemail inbox 
  • *97 can be dialed to access an extension's voicemail from mobile, desk phone, or webphone. 
  • Most models of deskphones have a voicemail button on the keypad or menu of the phone. This is simply a speed dial to *97.
  • To access the extension's voicemail inbox, enter the extension's voicemail password.
  • The default password is 1234.
  • Users should change their password by dialing *97 and following the in-call main menu prompts available in their voicemail box or through the admin portal.