Access Shared Voicemail on Mobile

1 min. readlast update: 04.23.2024

Shared Voicemails are a convenient way to allow a group of users to receive and access voicemail boxes

Review Voicemails in the Mobile app

  • Login to the mobile app

  • Click on the Voicemail tab

  • Tap the filter icon in the top left to switch between different voicemail boxes

  • If you don't see a voicemail box that you need access to, you will need to add your user the correct user group and associate it with the shared voicemail box. Learn more about how to Setup a Shared Voicemail 

Call into the Shared Voicemail

  • First, ensure that the desired extension's mobility access has been enabled.

  • Log into the mobile application

  • Navigate to the Phone Tab in the bottom left of the app

  • Tap the floating dial pad button

  • Dial *98 or Tap the Voicemail Icon on the bottom left dial pad button

  • Follow the prompt by entering the extension of the voicemail you wish to access (for example 600)

  • Enter the password

  • Use the voice prompts to go through your voicemails


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